About Silicone roof coating

A well-coated roof helps you prevent bigger issues like leaks or excessive humidity. Your roof is completely exposed to extreme weather conditions, and things like the sun, snow, or rainwater can break down the surface. It’s important to coat your roof to extend the lifetime of your roof and protect your home.

Silicone roof coatings can be applied on commercial, industrial, and even flat residential roofs, and can last 10–20 years (depending on how thick the coating is installed). For some roofs, a base coat is required before the silicone coating can be applied.

We use APOC 585 Armor Flex, which provides superior performance and durability. It is the armor your roof needs to withstand weather and harmful UV rays. Since silicone coatings are extremely reflective of the sun, it can help lower utility bill costs, save energy, and reduce carbon emissions. Overall, it will help you save on roof maintenance costs because of the extended roof life it provides. Another huge benefit is its Pond-Proof® Technology, which protects your roof from standing water and premature adhesion failure.

Silicone coatings can be used on Metal roofs, Modified Bitumen, and Single Ply. 

  • Protects against weather
  • Extends roof lifetime
  • Saves energy

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