About roof repairs

We repair roofs of all types, such as shingles, metal roofs, tile, single ply, torch down, and modified bitumen. Whatever the roof damage, our experts have the skills and experience to repair any roof.

We Repair It All

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Modified Bitumen

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Types Of Roof Repairs

At Pristine roofing, we can repair any damage that may have happened to your residential or commercial roof. 

Roof Leaks

We realize how stressful it is to have a leaking roof. That is why, at Pristine Roofing, we deliver experienced roofing services as swiftly and efficiently as feasible. Don’t put it off any longer; call us right now, and we’ll handle the rest.

Gutter Problems

Most of the time, a simple cleaning or a few modifications will be enough to fix crooked or clogged gutters. Gutter replacement may be necessary on occasion if they have been damaged or are too old.

Shingle Replacement

Your roof endures a lot because it is constantly exposed to the weather. Give us a call if the weather has damaged or worn away some of the shingles on your roof. We work with a range of roofing materials, so we’ll make sure your roof looks just as excellent as it used to.

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